Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Procter and Gamble CEO is a Gator fan!!

It's just 48 hours away from the kickoff of the Florida Gators 2nd attempt at a college football national championship in 3 years, and I just read a story from last week where the CEO of Procter and Gamble, A. G. Lafley, proved that deep down, he's a Gator fan.

In an analyst call on Dec. 22nd, a question was directed to Mr. Lafley about the succession plan for his role if/when he decides to retire. His response did not reveal any details about the succession plan, but instead compared his lineup of top management in a way that revealed that he is an admirer of the Florida Gators! His quote was picked up by all major news outlets.

Quoting the Chicago Tribune:
"We have to be like Florida's football team," Lafley told analysts at a Dec. 11 meeting in New York. "We just have to be strong and deep."

SWEET!!! Looks like my occasional run-in with AG in the Central Building elevator may have left a positive impression on him! ;)

By the way, for those who don't know, Procter and Gamble is based in Ohio in the middle of Big Ten country -- I wonder why he didn't use the Ohio State or Michigan in his example? Perhaps something to do with the Big 10's 1-6 record in the 2008 bowls? Go Gators!!

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