Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A look back at the odds for NCAA Football champs

One day away from the final game of the college football year, I pulled up some data that I stored on Evernote back in July on my iPhone. Below is the beginning of the year betting odds for the college football season.

With Florida and Oklahoma the only possible teams to lay claim to the National Championship on Thursday night, it looks like the line makers were pretty both teams only got 6-1 odds. Bet on anyone else and you lost money. Also notice how Utah isn't listed, so they only got 25-1 odds. Poor Utah. Too bad we don't have a playoff...

3-1: Southern California
6-1: Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma
12-1: LSU
14-1: Missouri
20-1: Auburn
22-1: Clemson
25-1: West Virginia
30-1: Michigan, Tennessee, Texas
35-1: Miami, UCLA
40-1: Alabama, Virginia Tech
50-1: Florida State, Illinois, Penn State, Rutgers
55-1: Notre Dame
65-1: Kansas
80-1: Arizona State, California, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Wisconsin
100-1: Boise State, Boston College, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Oregon, Oregon State, South Carolina, USF, Texas A&M, Virginia, Washington
125-1: Arizona, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest
150-1: Arkansas

25-1: Field (any team not listed)

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