Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motorola Beats Apple to the Wrist

October 18, 2011

Motorola announced today that they would be coming out with two new devices: the Droid RAZR and the MotoACTV. 

The DroidRAZR is their newest smartphone, a super-thin, larger screen Android phone that is sweet. But the DroidRAZR doesn’t introduce anything groundbreaking, as incremental improvements to smartphones will continue to evolve, with faster, thinner, clearer, more powerful phones being launched at a ultra-high rate these days.

The MotoACTV is a small device that is like a thicker iPod Nano that fits on your wrist to provide a ton of health and fitness functionality like heart rate monitoring, run tracking, calories burned, music player, and radio. On the surface, the MotoACTV doesn’t seem to be that groundbreaking a device either… just a Nano with heart-rate monitoring.

But, the killer feature about these devices is the integration between them, allowing you to take calls and get alerts on your MotoACTV! This is the minor breakthrough. I honestly thought Apple would be the first to deploy this capability through making improvements to the Nano, since it already had the product line to allow this integration with the Nano and iPhone. Wearing my Nano as a watch back when the newest Nano was launched last year, it was easy to envision a Nano-sized device that could do basic smartphone activities like make calls, manage calendars, contacts, and even do email. And with Apple’s introduction of Siri, the need for a keyboard to do these tasks became moot and made it more feasible to do these things on a Nano. Yet, Moto beat them to the punch with the first device integration in this space.

This may be the push Apple needs to update the Nano line to enhance the Nano with wifi and Siri capability!!

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