Tuesday, June 29, 2010

iPhone4 vs iPhone 3GS - My Take

As a super-early adopter of the iPhone4 (Apple actually sent me one the day before launch date!), I'm often asked by current iPhone 3GS users if the iPhone4 is worth the upgrade. Now that I've had mine for nearly a week, I'm pasting a recent email response to just this type of inquiry so I can just point folks to this post!

June 29, 2010

Stopped by the AT&T store and confirmed that I can upgrade my iPhones basically for free ($200 fee, but I can probably sell the phones on craigslist for around that amount).

Now, do I do it? I would love to get Chuck’s input/advice 3GS vs 4. The 4’s I played with at the store seemed nice, but I did notice scratches on the glass which I have not seen on the 3GS. Not sure about other issues, battery life, speed, durability, etc.


June 10, 2010

First, I assume you’ve already updated your 3GS to iOS4? If not, you may want to, because a lot of the functionality marketed for the iPhone4 (multi-tasking, folder management, unified email/threading, etc…) are not specific to the iP4, but part of iOS4—which is a free download for the 3GS. You probably already know this, but figured I’d mention just in case.

Aside from iOS4, iP4 has an outstanding display compared with the 3GS, longer battery life (ie. I can get through almost 1.5 days now, versus not quite making a full day with the 3GS), better camera (including front-facing camera), faster processor, use of iMovie for editing video on your iPhone (only for iP4—which is surprising to me), and it’s new video call functionality called ‘FaceTime’. The FaceTime functionality is limited in usefulness by the need to have both phones on wifi (and both have to be iP4’s)—so it’s more for showing off than any real practical use unless you have specific calls pre-scheduled with folks. I haven’t seen any issues with the glass (it’s supposed to be better than the 3GS, though), and the iP4 ‘feels’ more solid and state-of-the-art. So, I assume more durable.

From my perspective, if you love your 3GS but also
• have a need to do a lot of video capturing and want it in HD, or
• have to have 20% longer battery life, or
• have a need to do video conferencing with another iP4 user who is on wifi,
then go ahead and get the iP4. Otherwise, I’d stick with the 3GS and wait another 6 months for a new iPhone announcement--say January-ish!

Also note that, with the iP4, there are reception issues due to the fact that the stainless steel band that goes around the phone also serves as the antenna, so when you hold the phone in a way where your skin bridges the gap between the lower left hand pieces—you will slowly see a deterioration of your cell reception. I have the ‘apple bumper’ that goes around my phone, so this is not an issue for me…but you may not want to shell out the additional $29 for the bumper.

If you don't truly love your 3GS or hate AT&T (I keep wavering in and out of this camp), move over to an Android OS device, which I foresee taking over market share and app development in the next 3 years. The new Droid X looks very nice!

Hope that helps.



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