Saturday, February 28, 2009

Digital Media Hologramming - WOW!

Chalk this up to one of those things that our kids 20 years from now will be saying "of course you can do that... everyone does it". But right now, this is the first I've seen anything like this, and it's just VERY COOL!

Here's a quick video of yours truly doing this--did this video and demo by myself this morning after tennis, so sorry about the bad production and lighting ;) -- and I recommend you guys trying it yourselves... if nothing else but to show the kids! Check it out at this link:

Spread around...


  1. Dude - you have to blow into your Microphone and the wind turnbines go fast... Very cool, but how is it social media?


  2. the hologram execution is a cool example of emerging interactive digital media. i reference 'social media campaign' not based on the technology, but rather due to how word of mouth is spreading for GE SmartGrid via twitter, facebook, blogs, etc... (of which i'm contributing).